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How to Sell an Idea Using NFT

sell an idea using nft

You have an idea you want to sell, but how do you do it? Selling an idea is much different than selling a physical product, and requires more creativity, transparency, and patience on the part of the seller. Here’s how to sell an idea using NFT and make sure that your buyer not only loves your idea, but also continues to love the idea in the long run.

How Does NFT Work?

Unlike in a traditional IPO, investors won’t receive any actual equity in your company. Instead, you’ll be able to sell blockchain-based digital art that represents a share of ownership. As explained by musician Imogen Heap: The tokenized song is like having a verified digital notary with an ID and profile attached. The reason why I see huge potential for them is because it brings music up-to-date with real world issues – transparency, traceability and accountability – as we move further into the digital age.

What Can I Build With NFT?

The technology behind Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) allows them to be used in a variety of ways, whether they are being exchanged between users or being collected. There is a large array of games that utilize these types of tokens, including Crypto Kitties, Ethermon and Ephemeron. While there are many potential use cases for NFTs in different industries, gaming and art can be some of the most interesting applications. For example, consider recent developments in using art as an underlying asset class.

Is This Legal to sell an Idea as NFT?

Although it’s legal for anyone to sell anything on a website, blockchain-based collectibles often have branding from their creators. This ensures that you’re buying a genuine work of art created by that artist—not a knockoff or imitation. To date, all Ethereum-based tokens have been issued by projects and creators as part of ICOs. However, as more people realize blockchain’s value as both a medium for communication and exchange, there is reason to believe that collectors will soon be creating new collectibles directly through their own websites.

What Do I Need to Start Building with NFT?

You need a wallet and a network that supports non-fungible tokens (NFTs). You can read more about wallets here . We recommend using MetaMask or Coin base Wallet . If you already have a wallet, now it’s time to get some cryptocurrency. It can be easily purchased from sites like Coin base or directly from Crypto Kitties!

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Who Should Use Neufund?

Neufund is great for teams of people or a single founder who are considering their fundraising options. Because it’s so new, Neufund has a variety of onboarding and mentorship programs available to provide added support as you figure out how your fundraising campaign should take shape. For example, you can use Neufund’s bootcamps to get more familiar with its platform; you can use its one-on-one consultations with professionals in the space; and you can even hire someone directly if you need help structuring your business model or marketing plan.