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How to Use a Split Gate Chatbot to Maximize Conversions

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A split gate chatbot will take your website visitors through a series of steps that lead to the conversion you desire, whether it’s to purchase an item or sign up for an account. But how does it work? In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about using split gate chatbots to take your conversion rates to the next level—including the exact features you need and how you can use them!

What is a split-gate (or two stage) opt-in?

A split-gate opt-in is a type of double opt-in that requires users to complete two steps (i.e., gates) in order to submit their email address. The first gate requires users enter their email address, and if it passes basic validation rules, then an auto-responder message is sent to verify that they meant to sign up for your list. That second message (the confirmation) has another field that must be filled out before users can officially become subscribers on your list. Some split-gate chatbots are set up so it’s still one field, but you have to click a button that says something like I’m not a robot or Yes! before proceeding.

What are the best types of offers to use with split gate opt-ins?

There are a number of different offers you can utilize when using split gate opt-ins. This can include: ebook downloads, software downloads, affiliate offers, membership sites, or physical products. Keep in mind that these are only some of your options! You should tailor your offer based on what is most appealing to your audience and will work best with your product and industry. Some people might prefer an ebook download while others may want access to an online course or website membership. Whatever you decide is fine as long as it helps grow and build your brand further down the line.

Understanding conversions, leads, and sales

If you’re just starting out with your chatbot, it might be hard to figure out how it can best help you grow your business. It’s easy enough to find examples of chatbots in all sorts of use cases — marketing, customer service, e-commerce and more — but what matters is how they work for you. To get things off on the right foot, check out these essential tips from Fr8 Network on what it takes to convert your leads into sales. First and foremost, understand that chats don’t have leads or customers – chats just have conversations. The rest is up to you!

Setting up your campaign

Before you set up your campaign, you need to figure out what your conversion rate is for visitors who arrive at your website from search engine results pages. Let’s say that number is 5 percent; that means for every 100 visitors from Google, five will buy something from you. Now let’s say 5 percent of those Google search users are going through a split-gate chatbot experience before they reach an order form on your site. If only one out of 20 of those people convert, then you’re doubling your conversion rate—from 5 percent overall to 10 percent overall.

Adding your call-to-action button

Now that you have your chatbots and websites set up, it’s time to tell your visitor where they should be going. Most importantly, you’ll want to make sure that your CTA is large enough and placed in a good location. Many websites make the mistake of making their button too small or placing it in an area where users may miss it—don’t make that same mistake! Your CTA is most likely going to be Sign Up Now or Get Started, but you can also test out CTAs like Get My Free Demo, which just helps get people talking about what they might want with your brand.

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Final Tips

Don’t underestimate how important social proof is when building your chatbot. Make sure you include as many success stories and reviews as possible so that your potential customers are reassured of their decision to use your product or service. Don’t be afraid to showcase testimonials from major companies and other heavyweights in your industry either. Another great way of showing credibility is by including information about your team, such as photos, bios, education, and work experience. Showing off actual people behind a brand can do wonders for customer trust in what you’re offering! It will also help them feel like they know who they can talk to if they have any questions or concerns after purchasing from you.

How to use split gate chatbot to improve Customer service

Most marketers won’t tell you that their ultimate goal is to get people to spend more money. But it’s true! If that were not true, then why would you constantly pay for marketing campaigns? No matter what your intentions are for implementing chatbots in your customer service, what’s certain is that you want people to spend more. The good news is, there are many ways you can use split gate chatbots on your site and within your app, but using them with live chat support is perhaps one of the most effective ways of converting users into paying customers. I will explain how they work.