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Web Development

Jambo Gift Shop
Jambo Gift Shop is a children gifts ecommerce store based on WordPress.
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Sleepify Band Co
Sleepfiy Band Co is a ecommerce website which is selling comfort sleeping products. I develop this website from scratch to end and client was fully satisfied
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Weekly Watch Lotto
Weekly Watch Lotto is something like Giveaway website, in which people biding for a watch and after that someone wins an expensive watch.
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Multiserv Digital Agency
Multiserv Digital Agency is a Software company based in Rawalpindi. I designed their website from scratch to end
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CCTV Installation by Multiserv
Multiserv Technologies industry also providing the service of CCTV installation. I designed a static one page website for their CCTV Installation information.
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Jamil Cloth Shop Kanyati
Jamil Cloth Shop Kanyati is a clothing store based in Kanyati Dhirkot Azad Kashmir. I fully design this website from start to end
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Opra is a online clothing store which sells clothing products
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Quality Assurance

ZION NDT Services
ZION NTD Services, a Smart Inspection platform. I done the QA of this large system through manual and automation tools.
44 Bugs
Ecommerce Manage Mobile Application QA
A multi purpose Ecommerce backend system for Ecommerce.
55 Bugs
Smart Delivery Manage Mobile App
A multipurpose system for Smart Delivery.
21 Bugs
Tatra Stables UAE
Tatra Stables is a system for Horse Riding courses based in UAE.
JSOUP Application Code Testing
Recently I done the QA of JSOUP source code for my client from Saudia. He was fully satisfied with my QA service. I done this QA via SonarQube
8 Bugs
Food Delivery Manage Mobile App
Food delivery management is also a backend system from which admin can perform certain actions for mobile app
25 Bugs
Survey Rock QA
Survey Rock is a logic based system from which user can fill survey and get product recommendation
30 Bugs
Malls Direct Ecommerce
Malls Direct Ecommerce Multivendor system. I done the QA for both back-end and front-end of the system.
45 Bugs
Smart Checker Sharjah Police
I have done the QA for Smart Checker Sharjah Police System.
70 Bugs
FileZilla Code Testing
Recently Idone the QA for FileZilla Source code for my client. I done this QA using Automation approach via Microsoft Application Inspector and SonarQube
10 Bugs
Smarty Supply QA
Smarty Supply is also a multipurpose Ecommerce System in which user can register his business.
70 Bugs
RPR Environmental Project
I have done the QA for RPR Environmental Project.
10 Bugs
JFreechart QA
Jfree chart QA done by automation approach using SonarQube and Find-Sec-Bug tools.
40 Bugs
Localverse QA
Local-verse is a great Ecommerce system in which vendors can register and sell their store items.
130 Bugs
i2i Learning Legacy
I done the QA for this system. I done Accessibility and usability Testing for this platform
55 Bugs
Religious App UX Design QA
I done the QA for UX design for religious mobile application
15 issues
The Laynding
The laynding is a system in which user can create landing page for his campaigns
10 Bugs