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The Song of Rare Birds Surpassed Taylor Swift In Popularity


Perth: An interesting piece of news has come from Australia that an entire album based on the melodious chirping of birds near extinction in the song-album race at the end of the year has made it to the third place in the list of Australia’s top 50 audio albums. Left behind

Rare Birds Songs Album

A total of 53 bird songs are included and other information is collected to form a regular album. The album is compiled by musician Anthony Albrecht, a PhD student at Charles Darwin University, and features the chirping of some of Australia’s rarest endangered birds. All proceeds from the album will go to an organization called Birdlife Australia, which is working hard to save the birds. The organization is also spreading awareness about these birds.

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Experts have called the album “Bird’s Orchestra” an album of beautiful bird sounds. In this regard, Charles Darwin University has asked all bird lovers to pass on the voice and information of these innocent animals so that this precious natural treasure can be saved.